FORD Fusion SE

  • Doors: : 4
  • Drive unit: : Front
  • Engine: : 2.5

Hyundai Elantra

  • Doors: : 5
  • Drive unit: : Front
  • Engine: : 1.8

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

  • Doors: : 5
  • Drive unit: : 4WD
  • Engine: : 2.5

Hyundai Sonata

  • Doors: : 5
  • Drive unit: : Front
  • Engine: : 2.0

Mazda 6

  • Doors: : 5
  • Drive unit: : Front
  • Engine: : 2.5

Hyundai Elantra

  • Doors: : 4
  • Drive unit: : Front
  • Engine: : 1.8

Cheap car rental in Yerevan

The main aim of our company is to provide the clients with cheap car rent in our hospitable Yerevan. Our company always controls that our cars will be in good technical state, clean and you will be able to rent them by cheap prices.
If you have decided to rent a car in Yerevan,” CarVoyage” company is a good solution. 
You can order a delivery of car rent  directly to the airport or other place comfortable to you.  
Need an urgent car rent? You have applied for the right company: We offer a car rent in Yerevan with cheap prices.

What do we offer?

 “CarVoyage” company gives an opportunity to rent a car in Yerevan
The providing services to the clients include:

  • New models of the cars, the assortment is always refreshed 
  • Any class of car
  •  High quality and service
  •  Car delivery to any place
  • Any means of payment
  • Fixed price, there are no other additional payments
  • Flexible prices. Any person can afford to rent the car, necessary to him/her

In our company, the customer is not liable for the damage caused to the car not by his/her fault
For permanent customers CarVoyage has a system of cumulative discounts. We take care of every customer’s convenience and have already received a considerable amount of positive feedback

   Car rent terms

Here are the terms of car rent in Yerevan. Please, carefully read them

 Car rent contract terms

  • The availability of minimum documents` passport and driving license
  • The driver should be not less than 23 years old
  • Driving stage till 3 years
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the car
  • The car rent is permitted only in the territory of Armenia
  • .The driver should follow the traffic rules
  • The maximum mileage- 350km per day


In case of questions, apply our online consultants or have a contact with our manager by telephone. 

 Price and means of payment

Car rent price depends on many factors: the class, date of issue, furnishing, models of cars and so on. Car rent fee is paid by prepayment

There are several types of payment

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer.
  • Through electronic wallets (QIVI, Yandex wallet, Tinkoff etc.)

Our company as much as possible tries to provide comfortable, qualified and economic car rent terms in Yerevan.  We are attentive to all suggestions and opinions, improving our services. We guarantee complete freedom of movement.
In case of problems, freely apply our support service. Our specialists are available round the clock. Other questions can be consulted online or by calling the manager. Choose a car to your liking. We wish you a good way.

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